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Acne Skin Care Treatments

Acne Consultation $50

In a 45 minute session, we will 

•  determine your skin type, acne type and skin tolerance

•  recommend products and a treatment plan you will need to achieve clear skin

•  review factors associated with break out – food, medication, cosmetics, stress, etc.

•  provide information that was communicated in the consultation


Acne Consultation and Treatment $75

A 1.5 hour session includes all the benefits of the Acne Consultation and

•  an acne exfoliating treatment with extractions 

Face Reality products are not included in the cost of the treatment. Expect to pay about $150 for your first set of acne products at your first appointment. 


Acne Treatments $75

Treatment plans typically require 6 to 8 treatments over a 3 to 4-month period to achieve mostly to completely clear skin. Treatments are scheduled every two weeks to

•  assess what type of treatment your skin requires when you come in

•  assess how your home care can be adjusted to continue progress

As your skin clears, your treatments may become shorter due to fewer extractions. 

After your acne is under control, you simply maintain your home care routine. 


Acne Treatment Series $200

Purchase a series of 3 appointments. 


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